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Update: here is a detailed description of how Corporal Roberts-Smith VC, MG earned his Victoria Cross; makes the following all the more shameful.

yeah, I’m gonna go there.

It’s all over the internet, I’m sure you’ve all read it. You probably already know what I’m talking about. If not, go read the article, first. I’m so pissed, this may all come out rambling and incoherent, but I’m going to try…

The article painted a bad enough picture, I was already like ‘hold up!’, then I watched the little snippet (I thought maybe there was a context I wasn’t reading about or something) and it was EVEN WORSE!!!! Are they serious? The comments are not only TOTALLY, UNBELIEVABLY inappropriate, they also don’t make sense. who fucking (sorry nana) cares if he’s good in bed, SERIOUSLY!? He defended our country and you, randomly, decide to comment on that!? Just, disgraceful.

So I’m already LIVID, and then the ‘apology‘ happened this morning…seriously, maybe take a break before you read this, and especially before you watch the snippet, because you may break something, and computers are expensive.

*deep breath* SHE USES HER APOLOGY TO ANNOUNCE HER ENGAGEMENT!!!!!! I have never seen anything more disgusting in all my life. This woman (and man, I haven’t forgotten about George Negus) should be fired, not only from this show, but from all future television proceedings, I never want to see her face again. No apology is going to satisfy me, my husband, or (probably) the rest of the defence force, so really they should both just retire.

Sickened. My husband is angry (understatement) as well. We are both so proud of ADF & everything that it stands for, men like Corporal Roberts-Smith VC, MG are heroes, and should be regarded as such. I have the greatest respect for him, and all of our soldiers, and I treat them accordingly. This man, and other war heroes, are who I want my children to look up to, not some dim-witted, ignorant, self-centred woman who doesn’t do anything to ‘better’ anyone but herself.

It’s a shame really that Corporal Roberts-Smith VC, MG went to all that trouble to defend us, because it meant defending her right to say all of that shit (sorry nana!). But that’s what makes him an honourable man, that’s what sets the defence force apart from people like Yumi & George.

I thought venting would help, but I’m still so pissed, I’m shaking. Is anyone else having this strong a reaction to this filth? Or am I being overdramatic? lol

In closing, thank you Corporal Roberts-Smith VC, MG for your brave act, your continued service, and your honourable behaviour. Nothing any moronic people say can take away from that.



Hello all,

Sorry, I am SO busy at the moment, so it’s taken a while to write this, and it will have to be quick.

March out. Gee, those of you who have been through it know, it is fast and intense. Future wags, this is what my experience was like; I was SO proud! like I literally thought I was going to pass out with how proud I was. I wanted to scream “that’s my husband!” (but I didn’t).

So you will be sitting there, bursting with pride, and itching to get your hands on your man! Then you go to the luncheon, which is lovely, except that it’s a bit awkward. I’ve spoken before about the ‘re-acquaintence’ phase, and in this case you have to do it in front of superior officers, friends, family, and strangers. It kind of doesn’t feel real, you’re like, ‘woah, he’s actually in front of me! he’s holding my hand…weird (but awesome!)’.

Then you go in to town, and depending on lots of different factors, the boys either ride with you, or meet you in Wagga, regardless, there is more waiting for them. All you want to do is scream, ‘HURRY UP, TIME IS TICKING’. When they finally arrive, it’s off to Wagga, and then it gets weirder, because what’s there really to do in Wagga? Being thrust back together is awkward, there is no way around this (or if this is just me, let me know). So suddenly you’re going ‘um, hi!?’ (I think I said this just about every 5 minutes).

After dinner and celebratory drinks (which were so much fun; it’s great to meet all of their friends), it’s back to the hotel (if you are lucky enough to get overnight leave). Now, I’m going to keep it PG because my grandmother reads (hi nana!), but I set out to be honest with this blog, so I’m going to be…

Intimacy is weird after so long, he almost feels like a stranger, and there is all this pressure because you have been apart for x amount of time. We’ll talk more about this later, but I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels like this (or am I?).

Anyway. Getting to sleep next to them is also awesomely weird! I think I probably kicked him a lot! hehe but then suddenly it’s morning, and the countdown begins to when you have to be separated. That ticking clock is the biggest buzz kill! It’s there ruining your last few hours by creating that sick feeling in your stomach, and the burning feeling in your eyes. The time moves way too fast, where as just yesterday, while you were waiting for the parade to start, the boys to come into the luncheon hall, and the boys to meet you in Wagga, it went way too slow.

20 hours. That’s how much time I had with SB. The thing about the Army though, that I’m learning, lesson 20, is that the amount of time doesn’t matter. If you get 20 minutes, 20 hours, 20 days, 20 months, 20 years, they are amazing, because every second with our soldiers is precious.

As always, I’d love to hear your own experiences, how was your man’s march out?


So just got back from Wagga…wow. That was the biggest roller coaster of emotions, um, EVER!

My MIL has most of the good pics, and she is in Melbourne, so I wont be able to share them just yet…but here are some of my favourites…

Here they come! I almost exploded with pride!

The only time I almost cried...

J & I celebrating together...finally!

So yeah, more on March Out later…


pics are all mine, please give credit where credit is due!

Murphy’s Law states that anything that can go wrong, will go wrong, basically. This seems to be an Army law too.

My mother chopped her finger off last night. Well, not totally off, and not her whole finger..she ‘partially de-tipped’ her finger (almost fully cut off the top of it). Now she is waiting to go to surgery to repair it.

What does this have to do with the Army you ask? Well, tomorrow morning, she, my sister, and I are supposed to be embarking on a roadtrip…to SB’s March Out! I suppose, this could have been worse, she could have cut her finger tonight (no one is allowed to touch any knives tonight). This timing is still pretty bad though; she just finished night shifts, so last night was supposed to catch her up on sleep, but instead it just depleted it even more. Also, she’s getting married in 2 weeks, and will now have a cast/splint thingo on her finger…poor mummy.

We should still leave tomorrow, just not as early, but this of course, depends on how surgery goes. Anyway…I started thinking about writing this post and how it was kind of like Murphy’s Law, right as a lady was laying hot wax on my eybrows! I almost stopped her, because clearly, Murphy was going to make her rip my entire eyebrow off…luckily she didn’t, so maybe Murphy was wrong; if it can go wrong, it might go wrong…

That’s Alice’s Law.


p.s. i’m getting a haircut tomorrow morning, right before we leave…maybe Murphy can still prove his validity…hopefully not.

Thai Floating Lantern Festival

I would love to be a part of this one day! Cultures all over the world incorporate floating lanterns into their festivals; this particular photo comes from Thailand, where the people believe that releasing the lanterns bring good luck and are “symbolic of problems and worries floating away”  (I know wikipedia isn’t a good source, but this is a blog, not an academic report, hehe).

I say we could all use some lantern luck…maybe I’ll light one up in suburban Brisbane.


photo from Flickr, by way of Pinterest


I’m still alive…just super busy, so sorry for the lack of posts…

This week I’ve been working (including a late-early, which zapped all my energy and will to live), and dealing with university drama! I’m doing a Bachelor of Social Work online, and my schedule got all screwy, so I spent all my free time on the phone trying to fix it, and I did!

Anyway, I thought I should just pop in to say that I’m still alive despite my silence. Also, we are now SIX days away from SB’s march out!!!! yippee!!!!!!! I’m feeling very excited, but also nervous. But more on that later….

I’ll be back tomorrow with a Sunday Snap, so check back then!


SB and I have never really celebrated v-day; I think last year we may have gone out for dinner a day before/after, I can’t even remember.

I have no problem with people who celebrate v-day, to each their own, and it’s nice to see all the loooove displayed (I hope you read that with Marvin Gaye voice).

SB is out field at the moment, it’s ‘The Challenge’, the final part of basic training where they basically do a giant war simulation (?, I think, this is how SB described it to me). Sounds awesome right? Well, not to me, but to SB, it’s probably been the greatest week of his life! I LOVE that! He was so excited, and I was/am so excited for him! And this is where my issue with valentines day comes in…

Right before the guys left we got phone time (yay!). We had a great chat, I told him to have fun and that I couldn’t wait to see him at March Out (10 days!!!!!!). We hung up and I was feeling good, and then I received a text…he was apologizing to me for not being able to get me a v-day present while he was out field!!!!

This was so sweet of him, but it annoyed me (not at him, at the whole v-day thing). I was annoyed that while he should have been focused on something that’s pretty important to his future, and something I knew he was going to love doing, he was instead focused on trying to get me a valentines day present (even though we’ve never participated in it before). Now, like I said, I have no issue with people who do celebrate it, but our boys need to focus. If he was deployed, I wouldn’t want him worrying about valentines day.

We don’t need a day to make each other feel loved; the sacrifice SB makes for me, for our future, everyday is his giant stuffed teddy bear to me. And I would like to think that my continued support of him, and even all the things I take care of back home while he’s away, are my pink, glittery, valentines day card to him.
He doesn’t need a day to ask me to ‘be mine’, because I already am.


After last week’s snap, I thought it would be fun to get my Facebook group members to upload photos that were special to them, and I would choose one to be this week’s snap! My group members seem to be a little bit less participatory though, which is totally fine, this was in no way compulsory, haha, so we only got two uploads.

In a way, that’s great though, because that means I’m able to share both with you! I love both of the pictures because 1. they are lovely, and mean so much to my lovely blogettes, and 2. they are true to things happening/that have happened in my life too!

So here they are…

So cute! I am so curious how SB will be with Lando, and vice versa, so this gives me hope, hehe. SB only got 4 days with Lando before he went back to ‘pooka, and by the time he sees him again, Lando will he HUGE (compared to his tiny, 7week old self).

The second photo is also beautiful…

Isn’t that lovely! It just makes me think of all the important, special moments SB and I have shared, and I’m sure it will make all of you reminisce about your soldiers too! (ps, I also love the fuzzy cams in the background! hehe)

So there you have it. Thanks for sharing your fantastic pics ladies!


both photos were provided by blogettes, from their own personal collections. the engagement photo was taken by Sam Tutton Photography.

This post is not going to be logical. It’s just a…musing, i suppose…that I thought I would share.

Let me begin by saying, my ‘complaint’ is not due to the fact that I want more (this will make sense in a minute)…I am comfortable, I have everything I could ever need, and a lot of things I could totally do without and still be happy. I am so incredibly thankful for everything SB and I are blessed with and I love our life…

Now comes the vent…This week, the Superbowl happened. Now here in Australia, we’re not as INSANE with how much we pay our sports stars, but they’re still signing multi-million dollar contracts. According to Forbes, in 2011, the highest paid athlete was Tiger Woods (insert some sort of joke here), he made $75 million; this includes sponsorships, prize money, and bonuses as well as salary, but still. It’s not just athletes who get showered with money, actors and musicians, models, etc, also rake in the big bucks.

I understand that we can’t live in a world where everyone makes the same amount of money. I don’t want to. I haven’t participated in any ‘occupy {insert city name}’ movements. I also fully acknowledge that I enjoy a good song, movie, picture, game, etc and that some of these people are extremely talented. I don’t mean to suggest that they aren’t talented, or even that this whole notion of ‘celebrity’ is ridiculous. It’s a part of the human condition that I accept, and even enjoy (you will find gossip mags in my beach bag, hehe). I also understand that these celebrities generally earn their money through private channels, from which there is a much larger pool to divvy up.

This is why I say that this vent is totally illogical; I know nothing will change, and nothing really could change. but when I see people like the Kardashians getting paid millions to basically do, well, nothing (correct me if I’m wrong, I would love to know what they do beyond living their lives in front of cameras?), while our soldiers get paid a normal salary to put their lives on the line and to defend the Kardashians (pick an Australian example, I can’t think of any) right to earn millions, it makes me question the priorities of society.

Our soldiers make the world a better place by sacrificing so much, and whether or not celebrities ‘earn’ their millions or not, the world isn’t exactly made safer, or better by their ability to throw a ball really accurately? It just makes me wonder, how much is my soldier’s sacrifice worth to you? It’s got to be worth more than an episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians?


Before I continue with this post, I just want to reiterate that this blog is about becoming an Army Wife from DAY ONE…that is the whole entire point of this thing! So yes, I am aware that SB is only a recruit still, but that is the point; and to be honest, future wives need some information most, right at the beginning. Anyway…

I guess you could call me cold? I don’t really get upset, I sometimes…frequently…usually get angry, but I don’t cry. When my father bailed and my mum moved us to Australia from the States – no tears. When I almost died (fun story, might share at a later date) – no tears. Etc, etc, you get the point. I find that this whole Army thing has hit somewhere else though, and suddenly, my tear ducts are working! It’s not like the aforementioned incidents built up a reservoir of tears, there are no ‘repressed feelings’ lingering; but suddenly I find myself getting upset. I guess these circumstances have hit the release button on my ‘feelings’ hehe.

Now I hope you’re not all envisioning me sitting in a corner, rocking back and forth in the foetal position, sucking my hair and sobbing; I have only cried like 3-4 times. Which brings me to my point…

I have a new found ability to suck in my feelings. When SB tells me that he may be deployed by the end of the year/beginning of next (mere speculation of course – remember nothing is ever certain until it is happening in the Army), my breath catches, my heart skips, and suddenly my throat is tight and my eyes are stingy. My new superpower (“the ability to stop tears with sheer willpower” (make sure to read that in your head with a superhero voice)) is to ‘swallow’ those feelings so that I can respond with “that is fantastic! I know you’re looking forward to that! focus on what you’re learning!” instead of “*sob*”. This is not to say that I am pretending, most of me is really excited for him! He LOVES this life and I love that, and this life too.

Gee this one’s long…sorry. So after pushing those emotions down so that I don’t waste phone time crying, sometimes it’s hard to get them back. So the ‘stress’ and reservoir builds and suddenly I find myself in the car, on the way home from work, listening to some song that happens to have a melancholy tune (regardless of the lyrics), and I’m crying and singing along; what a sight for my fellow drivers!

So Lesson 18, blogettes (my new name for you, my lovely readers! do you like it?), is learn to control your emotions so that you don’t waste phone time, or make dinner guests feel uncomfortable…but also… sometimes you just need to release the tension with a good old fashion, mascara running, sob fest. Try Meiko, she always works for me 😉