This post is not going to be logical. It’s just a…musing, i suppose…that I thought I would share.

Let me begin by saying, my ‘complaint’ is not due to the fact that I want more (this will make sense in a minute)…I am comfortable, I have everything I could ever need, and a lot of things I could totally do without and still be happy. I am so incredibly thankful for everything SB and I are blessed with and I love our life…

Now comes the vent…This week, the Superbowl happened. Now here in Australia, we’re not as INSANE with how much we pay our sports stars, but they’re still signing multi-million dollar contracts. According to Forbes, in 2011, the highest paid athlete was Tiger Woods (insert some sort of joke here), he made $75 million; this includes sponsorships, prize money, and bonuses as well as salary, but still. It’s not just athletes who get showered with money, actors and musicians, models, etc, also rake in the big bucks.

I understand that we can’t live in a world where everyone makes the same amount of money. I don’t want to. I haven’t participated in any ‘occupy {insert city name}’ movements. I also fully acknowledge that I enjoy a good song, movie, picture, game, etc and that some of these people are extremely talented. I don’t mean to suggest that they aren’t talented, or even that this whole notion of ‘celebrity’ is ridiculous. It’s a part of the human condition that I accept, and even enjoy (you will find gossip mags in my beach bag, hehe). I also understand that these celebrities generally earn their money through private channels, from which there is a much larger pool to divvy up.

This is why I say that this vent is totally illogical; I know nothing will change, and nothing really could change. but when I see people like the Kardashians getting paid millions to basically do, well, nothing (correct me if I’m wrong, I would love to know what they do beyond living their lives in front of cameras?), while our soldiers get paid a normal salary to put their lives on the line and to defend the Kardashians (pick an Australian example, I can’t think of any) right to earn millions, it makes me question the priorities of society.

Our soldiers make the world a better place by sacrificing so much, and whether or not celebrities ‘earn’ their millions or not, the world isn’t exactly made safer, or better by their ability to throw a ball really accurately? It just makes me wonder, how much is my soldier’s sacrifice worth to you? It’s got to be worth more than an episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians?