After last week’s snap, I thought it would be fun to get my Facebook group members to upload photos that were special to them, and I would choose one to be this week’s snap! My group members seem to be a little bit less participatory though, which is totally fine, this was in no way compulsory, haha, so we only got two uploads.

In a way, that’s great though, because that means I’m able to share both with you! I love both of the pictures because 1. they are lovely, and mean so much to my lovely blogettes, and 2. they are true to things happening/that have happened in my life too!

So here they are…

So cute! I am so curious how SB will be with Lando, and vice versa, so this gives me hope, hehe. SB only got 4 days with Lando before he went back to ‘pooka, and by the time he sees him again, Lando will he HUGE (compared to his tiny, 7week old self).

The second photo is also beautiful…

Isn’t that lovely! It just makes me think of all the important, special moments SB and I have shared, and I’m sure it will make all of you reminisce about your soldiers too! (ps, I also love the fuzzy cams in the background! hehe)

So there you have it. Thanks for sharing your fantastic pics ladies!


both photos were provided by blogettes, from their own personal collections. the engagement photo was taken by Sam Tutton Photography.