SB and I have never really celebrated v-day; I think last year we may have gone out for dinner a day before/after, I can’t even remember.

I have no problem with people who celebrate v-day, to each their own, and it’s nice to see all the loooove displayed (I hope you read that with Marvin Gaye voice).

SB is out field at the moment, it’s ‘The Challenge’, the final part of basic training where they basically do a giant war simulation (?, I think, this is how SB described it to me). Sounds awesome right? Well, not to me, but to SB, it’s probably been the greatest week of his life! I LOVE that! He was so excited, and I was/am so excited for him! And this is where my issue with valentines day comes in…

Right before the guys left we got phone time (yay!). We had a great chat, I told him to have fun and that I couldn’t wait to see him at March Out (10 days!!!!!!). We hung up and I was feeling good, and then I received a text…he was apologizing to me for not being able to get me a v-day present while he was out field!!!!

This was so sweet of him, but it annoyed me (not at him, at the whole v-day thing). I was annoyed that while he should have been focused on something that’s pretty important to his future, and something I knew he was going to love doing, he was instead focused on trying to get me a valentines day present (even though we’ve never participated in it before). Now, like I said, I have no issue with people who do celebrate it, but our boys need to focus. If he was deployed, I wouldn’t want him worrying about valentines day.

We don’t need a day to make each other feel loved; the sacrifice SB makes for me, for our future, everyday is his giant stuffed teddy bear to me. And I would like to think that my continued support of him, and even all the things I take care of back home while he’s away, are my pink, glittery, valentines day card to him.
He doesn’t need a day to ask me to ‘be mine’, because I already am.