Murphy’s Law states that anything that can go wrong, will go wrong, basically. This seems to be an Army law too.

My mother chopped her finger off last night. Well, not totally off, and not her whole finger..she ‘partially de-tipped’ her finger (almost fully cut off the top of it). Now she is waiting to go to surgery to repair it.

What does this have to do with the Army you ask? Well, tomorrow morning, she, my sister, and I are supposed to be embarking on a roadtrip…to SB’s March Out! I suppose, this could have been worse, she could have cut her finger tonight (no one is allowed to touch any knives tonight). This timing is still pretty bad though; she just finished night shifts, so last night was supposed to catch her up on sleep, but instead it just depleted it even more. Also, she’s getting married in 2 weeks, and will now have a cast/splint thingo on her finger…poor mummy.

We should still leave tomorrow, just not as early, but this of course, depends on how surgery goes. Anyway…I started thinking about writing this post and how it was kind of like Murphy’s Law, right as a lady was laying hot wax on my eybrows! I almost stopped her, because clearly, Murphy was going to make her rip my entire eyebrow off…luckily she didn’t, so maybe Murphy was wrong; if it can go wrong, it might go wrong…

That’s Alice’s Law.


p.s. i’m getting a haircut tomorrow morning, right before we leave…maybe Murphy can still prove his validity…hopefully not.