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After posting yesterday’s picture, someone pointed out copyright/privacy issues…so I decided to just send Chris Emeott (the amazing photographer who brought us yesterday’s Sunday Snap) an email just to make sure he was fine with it…the following is our conversation…


Hi Chris,
I stumbled upon your gorgeous snowy proposal shoot on Pinterest. I write a blog about being an Army wife, and every sunday, I post a photo that I love to my blog. This week, I have posted your beautiful photo. After receiving some comments concerning your feelings about me sharing this photo, I just wanted to check with you.
Here is the link to my post
If you are at all concerned with the way I have presented this, or given you credit, please let me know so that I can adjust it accordingly.
Thanks! and thanks for your beautiful photo!


Hi Alice,

Thank you so much for taking the time to write me. Since that photo hit Pinterest its been pretty popular. I think you did a perfectly fin job giving me the due credit and I have absolutely zero problems with anything you did. Hopefully in the future, I will have some more content up there that you can gladly link to!

 I think its awesome that you have that blog. I spent 8 years in the US Army and served a year over in Iraq. I can’t imagine what you are going through as an Army wife but if you ever need to talk or vent any frustrations, maybe I can help you out from the “other” side of things.

 Anyways, good luck with everything and I hope we remain in touch, Happy Sunday!


How lovely is that!? I was so excited to receive such a kind reply, and it got me thinking about the connections that this Army ‘tag’ gives us. Everyone seems to know someone who is/has been in the Army, or they themselves are/were in the Army…it’s amazing! I don’t really go around introducing myself like “Hi, I’m Alice, I’m an Army Wife”, but the few times it has come up in the last few months have blown me away! People (most of them, there are also evil insensitive people!) are so kind, and they really try to understand and sympathise. I suppose this email just reminded me that there are good and kind people in the world…something I really needed a reminder of, and I thought you might appreciate it too!



My, my… aren’t I slack! Only one post since the last Sunday Snap..oh well.

I love this photo for so many reasons (aesthetically, her reaction, etc), but I really love it because it reminds me of the snow when I was growing up. I miss the snow, and real winter. Also…I think ‘covert’ proposal photos are THE best thing EVER!


Isn't it glorious!

From this blog, by way of Pinterest

Hi All,

So this is a follow-up, continuation, reply, if you will, to Lesson #17. I just felt like there was another side of this that needs to be discussed. This week I was on Facebook (no surprise there), and I was looking at Army WAG groups. This is where my first contact with WAGS happened, and I have met some really lovely women, so please don’t take this as a blanket statement…but there were some extremely nasty ‘fights’ being had! I just found this so sad and felt I needed to address it…

As far as I can tell so far, this life is so unique and ever changing, that you really need people who actually understand and go through it too. Lesson 17 talked about how incredibly fast I bonded with J, simply based on the shared fact that we are now Army. We go through some tough stuff ladies, and we need people to have our backs, so why all the nastiness?

I’m not perfect (I know that might come as a shock to some of you, hehe)…but I find that it give me strength to lift others up. When I strengthen someone (and this doesn’t just apply to the Army) who is weak, it gives me an extra little boost as well. It’s so sad that there are people out there who get their strength from making others weaker.

I think this post is becoming a bit convoluted, and I’m having a really hard time putting to words how I feel, so I guess I will try and just sum it up; there is no need to be nasty. Differences are going to arise, that’s the human condition, but there is a polite way to go about discussing (not fighting) about them. We need to take care of each other. We need to support and encourage (I use these words WAY too often…in need of a thesaurus) each other, because we’ve all been through the same things (or are going to go through them). So my point…why all the nastiness ladies? Is this really necessary?

Oh and a quick thanks to all the members of my Facebook group…we’re yet to have a nasty word said! So yippee! Thanks for being so respectful and kind ladies!