I know I haven’t posted a snap the last few weeks; I plan on making up for that today!

SO excited to share with you our news…we got another baby!

Our new home didn’t feel complete, so we have added a precious baby girl to our family!

Jawa was born on Anzac day, so she is the perfect addition to our Army family.

She arrived yesterday, here are some photos of her first day…

brother & sister meeting! Lando did so well!

sweet girl

hehe she’s SO cute!

sleeping jawa! look at her cute little tongue!

lando is a great big brother!

We chose Jawa to continue with the Star Wars theme…

a jawa

…and it turned out to be perfect because the two little tan spots on her eyebrows look just like eyes poking out of a hood.

Now to train her…back to sleepless nights as she howls. This time I dropped a note in all of the neighbours mailboxes introducing ourselves and asking for their patience. haha

at least this time, SB is home. He’s such a great daddy!