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Just something quick…

I’m sure I’m not the only one whose heart skipped a beat, and whose stomach flipped yesterday when the news of more Australian soldiers being killed was released. It upsets me every time I see that their has been an injury, or a death, but yesterday was especially hard.

SB was on guard, so he wasn’t even here, and not being able to see him, and give him a hug, just to solidify in my mind that he’s still here and that I don’t have to worry, was hard. I can’t even imagine how those of you with deployed partners felt…I’m sure there are no words.

I was watching the press conference (as I’m sure many of you were), and the news that five, not three soldiers had died was like a punch to the stomach. The actually story is usually better news than the first reports, which like to dramatise, but this one was worse; just so incredibly tragic.

A second blow came when the report listed the three, green-on-blue victims as being from Brisbane…ouch! That’s my home…it might not be our unit, but Brisbane WAGS are the first ones I ever talked to, that’s where I became an Army Wife. In fact, I think most of my readers are from Brisbane, since that’s where I first linked this blog…all I can really say, is that my heart is aching for all of you and my thoughts are constantly with you.

The third ripple (I think this is a fitting description…for days after that initial impact I find myself feeling the fear and pain of the loss in different ways…like ripples), came this morning when I was reading news reports and ninemsn had a slideshow of our fallen soldiers. In between candid photos, are the official photos…we all have that photo! I have a photo that looks exactly like that sitting in my home; you all do.

As we’re facing a potential deployment at the beginning of next year, my thoughts are with all of you whose partners are over there; I can’t imagine. Yesterday was tragic, I’m at a loss for what to say, but I hope the families and friends can find some peace in all of this grief.

How are all of you feeling today?


look! I’m not dead!

I haven’t posted in awhile because SB was home all week on post-field leave. We had a great week together, and got plenty sick of each other, haha. Uni also started back for me; and while you would think that this would actually make me post more, as a procrastination technique, I actually have plenty of those up my sleeve 😉

Those things contributed to no posts, but the main thing is that I simply don’t have anything to write about!

I was thinking about the blog the other night, trying to wrack my brain for something to say to you, and that’s when it hit me – I had started to write for you, not for me. I love that people read the blog, I do. But I think I’ve lost focus. This wasn’t about, or for, anyone else. Really, it’s just my diary, publicised.

And so…I am taking the pressure of myself. I will only be writing when I actually have something to say. This includes Sunday Snaps, they were beginning to be forced, so no more Sunday Snaps.

For those of you who do still read (I’m not even sure if there is anyone, since I never hear back from anyone except family, lol, which is fine!), this may mean that I post 5 times in one day, or not for a few weeks. For now, my life is pretty settled, back to normal, and quite frankly, boring! haha

I do have a few things to tell you about, but they haven’t quite come together yet…

until then, I’m going to enjoy the mundanity, because I’m sure it won’t last long.