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We’re moving again! Just to a different house. I don’t really want to get into why we are; our situation is completely unique and I wouldn’t want to give anyone the wrong idea.

Let’s just say that when we moved in, we accepted the state of this house because it was just the two of us, and honestly, we were young and naive. I think I was so focused on being grateful that I didn’t stop to think about what was best for our family, but finding out that it wasn’t just the two of us made me realise that I could be grateful without settling.

So with the help of J’s rank, and DHA we got a new house, and it is beautiful (we even got a TOLL removal…not sure how that happened!).

So over the next few days we will be moving, then unpacking, and then we’re going home for a couple of weeks! So excited to get to take J with me this time! We have a mini-babymoon planned and it will be really nice to have some down time together since 2013 is shaping up to be a BIG, GIANT, SUPER COLOSSUS year.

Hoping you all had a great Christmas, and wishing you a lovely NYE!


I knew when we signed up for this life that there was a chance that J would miss the birth of our child{ren} because of a deployment. It’s something that makes my very soul ache, and even just thinking about it now is taking my breath away.

I love this man so much, and the fact that it is his baby that will emerge; a combination of the two of us; makes me desperate to have him be a part of that moment. I am more excited to see my husband hold our baby for the first time, than I am to hold bub myself.

I had mentally prepared for the possibility of a deployment though; I had thought practically about how the first year is really just all about breastfeeding, and J wouldn’t miss much (so slightly delusional thinking, haha). I was ok. It’s his job, and he would be on the deployment he’s been waiting for, doing what he trained for; I was ok; I had accepted this possibility.

What I had not prepared for is J missing the birth because of a field exercise. I’m not sure if it’s just me, but this is a WAY bigger kick to the guts. Obviously it’s not for certain, and the dates of the trip may change, but there is a two-week, non-negotiable, field trip smack-dab in the middle of ‘birth month’.

Maybe it’s because the last field trip J was on turned into a giant organisational disaster and he was left doing nothing but sitting around, but I just cannot reconcile the fact that he may be sitting down, doing nothing, and miss it for no reason. That’s it…if he’s going to miss it, I can accept that, but I need there to be a reason, I need it to be justified and just as important as bub being born.

At this point we just have to wait and see, but of course being up here in croc-land doesn’t help – my mum will need to come here if J goes, but then she’ll be using her precious holiday time to sit with me while I desperately pray for baby to just wait until J gets home to come. Gah! It’s just a mess.

I would REALLY like to hear from you readers who gave birth without your soldiers, for any reason, but especially because of courses/field.