My gorgeous boy arrived last week!

Archer arrived on Tuesday the 12th. He weighed 8lb 11oz, and was 53cm long. He is perfect and my week has been spent basking in the immense joy he has brought to our family.

This being my blog about Army Wife life, I’m sure you’re all wondering how all the J drama unfolded…


The last couple of months have been so stressful with all the uncertainty, and there are 100 different ways this all could have played out – we happened to get the best one!

Not only did I get to have my son in our hometown, surrounded by our friends and family, but the hospital turned out to be amazing and I got my dream birth, AND most importantly, J made it!

For all the changes of plans, and lack of information, when it came down to it, J’s rank took care of us, and we are both incredibly grateful.

Now obviously, each situation is going to be different, and this is just our experience, but let me tell you how J ended up making it home in time…

I came to Brisbane at the end of February, right before I hit ‘term'(37wks). J left for exercise a week after me, but was booked on flights to Brisbane on the 14th (already a huge blessing, and something they didn’t need to do). I was SURE that Archie wouldn’t come early, in fact, I was sure he’d be late and I’d need to be induced, so I was happily waiting for J to join me here. Not a single sign of labor my entire pregnancy, then Monday morning contractions started.

The second I saw that they were timeable (and two minutes apart) I thought ‘oh, sh*t’! We had 4 more days until J was coming, and I was devestated because I thought he was going to miss it when we had come so close. I called his rank and they let me talk to him. He was shocked and freaked out because he was sure he was going to miss it too. He told me he’d update his rank and let me know what was going to happen, and hung up quickly.

Over the next hour my contractions started to space out and I got really cranky thinking I had called J for nothing. When he finally did call back, he was already on his way to the airport and his flight would get him here by 4pm! It was amazing how fast they got him home, but I was freaking out because I thought it was false labor and he was going to get home and then Archie wouldn’t come for another 2 weeks.

Thank goodness it was too late to change our minds, because our boy was born at 0638 the next morning! I spent my entire labor with my head buried in J’s chest, and he held my hand while I pushed. I could not have done it without him (well I would have had no choice, but it would have been a horrible experience instead of an awesome one), and I wonder daily what would have happened had he not made it.

Not knowing, or being able to plan is the hardest part of this Army life for me; it’s what I struggle with most, but this experience has served as the biggest lesson in just trusting and going with the flow. This was out of my control, and in the end worked out better than I could have imagined or planned. That’s not to say that things will always work out so well, or that I won’t struggle with the lack of information in the future, but I think I can see now that it’s not that the Army wants to mess with our lives, it’s just how it is, and fighting it won’t help anyone.

I’m not sure how to thank the people who made it possible for J to be here when our family was made, words aren’t enough, so instead I will do it by continuing to support my husband, and by being grateful every time I see my big guy holding my little one.