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hint: Archer’s out here with me, and the sounds coming out of his room are super cute!


Find out tomorrow on my personal blog {it is Army related…sorta}.


Since the last time I wrote – pondering whether or not to continue this blog – I’ve received so many nice comments from people saying that they are reading! I’ve heard from a few new Army WAGS; this is so exciting, but it’s also a lot of pressure! I feel more pressure to write now that I know there are people reading and even looking to me for advice (haha, I’m as clueless as all of you are – just trying to take it one day at a time).

I suppose the point of all my rambling is to say thank you to those who are reading, and especially to those of you who have sent me such lovely comments! I know I don’t post much, but it’s honestly because I don’t have much to say…

At a certain point, this unusual like, that at the beginning was so foreign, becomes normal. Suddenly there’s nothing really to write about because all I would have to say is, “another day of playing with Archer, then J came home, we had dinner, and went to bed”. This in itself is an Army Wife Lesson I suppose – that life does return to normal!

When J goes away, it takes a day or two for me to create a new normal, and then suddenly, we’re just living life. Then he comes home, and again, it takes a few days to redefine normal, but we always do, and before we know it, things are boring again.

So my message to you ladies who told me that you’re partners have just left for basic training is this: things will go back to normal for you. You will be ‘bored’ with your life again soon. For now, make this your normal, because in the end, normal is really relative – and up to you!