I’m not sure if what I’m about to write about is a positive or negative, probably by the end of typing out my thoughts I will have worked it out, but I want to hear what you think!

When our soldiers are gone, all jobs fall to us. I find myself struggling with asking J to do things when he is home though. It usually goes something like this in my head:

“I should really change that lightbulb. I should ask J to do it. Oh, I might as well just do it because he won’t always be home, so I need to know how”

I’m not sure why I do this as opposed to getting him to do as much as possible for the very same reason, that soon it will all be on me? Besides feeding the dogs and doing the lawns, I pretty much adopt the attitude of DIY.

It’s not that I never ask and he never offers to help around the house, I just always have the battle in my head first. I guess I just don’t want to become totally dependent on him; I want need to be able to take care of us when he’s gone.

For now I will continue to make sure that I can do things myself, but I will try to calm my inner DIY diva, and let J help out while he’s around (and he does, I got a sleep-in this morning!).

Does anyone else do this? Or do you do the opposite and save jobs for your soldiers?