I’ve gotten some very lovely comments from new readers the last couple of weeks. Your comments were a lovely reminder of why I blog (even when it may be months between posts). Welcome to the blog, I hope that it helps you to get an idea of what to expect, but your experience will, of course, be unique. This life is crazy, and hard at times, but I hope you are able to embrace the ups and downs because (I think) you’re tough enough to handle it!


Sorry it’s been so long. Not much Army related has happened here. Well, I think it probably has, but I don’t notice anymore. I’ve been busy blogging over on my other blog though.

J’s away at the moment. It’s the longest separation since training, but SO different this time around!

I always thought that separation would be easier once I had a baby to keep me busy. I thought I would be less lonely, less bored, and less sad.

Well, I’m certainly busier, and maybe a bit less lonely, but I’m definitely not less sad, more in fact.

See, when I thought about how a baby would change separation, it was pre-baby, and my thoughts were focused on how it would be for me, not J.

This time, Archer is a reality, a funny baby boy who loves his daddy. This time, my heart was heavy not {entirely} because of how much I would miss J, but because of all that he would miss. It breaks my heart that he has to miss out on things.

It may be a bit easier for me now that I’m a mum; I have great friends, lots of playgroups/playdates to keep me busy, and the sweetest little dude to snuggle when I’m lonely, but I didn’t realise how hard it would be to watch Archer develop when I know his daddy would love to watch it too.

(there’s also the part about not really getting a break, ever, and dealing with teething on my own. haha)

I wish J didn’t have to miss things, but I just focus on the fact that it’s temporary, and that for every thing he misses, he’ll get to be here for something else. I turn my attention forward, to when I know we’ll be back together again, and we always end up there.

For now, I send pictures and videos, show Archer the videos his daddy made for him, and talk to Archer about how much his daddy loves and misses him. We love and miss him too.

(And I go home to my family for a month. haha)