I think I’ve written before about how it can be difficult to come up with things to talk about with your partner when they’re gone. So far, most of the trips J has taken, he’s had his phone and some way of contacting us, so at most we’d only have to go a few days without speaking. Usually we’ve been able to text as we normally do; which if you ask anyone that knows us, is A LOT.

We text constantly. I kind of thought it was a honeymoon period sort of thing, for the first year or so of marriage, but nope, it’s stuck around. We just talk about everything that we’re doing, thinking, feeling. It wasn’t until this most recent field trip that I realised how important this connection is…

…no contact for 2 weeks. Now this doesn’t sound too bad in theory, I guess, and for some of you, this might not be an issue. In the past I know that I have sometimes felt like it was difficult to come up with things to talk about when we’ve had constant contact; I’ve even wished before that we wouldn’t have contact because I’ve felt such pressure to keep our conversations going. I can now say for a fact that, for me, no contact is WAY worse.

I never realised how much I rely on talking to my husband about everything. Talking is how I process and deal with things, and right now is an especially stressful time to not be able to talk to my guy; we’re posting out of Darwin, having a second baby, parenting a wild (but fun) toddler, and I’m finishing my first round of social work prac. There’s a lot going on, and I need to talk it out; my poor mother has had to replace J, and she gets daily phone calls where I unleash my crazy.

I know it’s not for long, and the point of this post isn’t to whine; it’s more to say that I realise now how much I would rather be struggling to come up with things to talk about, than struggling with not being able to talk at all. I am grateful for the communication I have with J, and I won’t take it for granted again.