Some fellow blogs I read (not all defence related)…

Confessions of an Almost Drama Teacher

My best friend’s hilarious, well written blog. She’s just getting started (like me), but I see great things in its future!

Little Baby Garvin

I stumbled upon this blog through Pinterest (obsessed!) & I love the weekly updates and cute baby related stuff. I’ve always loved babies, so while this may seem like an odd choice for me; a non-pregnant, non-mother; it really isn’t. hehe

Parenting. Illustrated with Crappy Pictures

I literally laugh out loud (when I’m by myself even) reading this blog. I’m sure when I have children one day, a whole new level of hilarity will be unveiled. 

The One With the Cupcakes

A friend of mine’s blog, filled with the cute Martha Stewart-esk happenings in the life of my friend Michelle, and her two adorable daughters. Are you noticing a theme…gee I must seem pathetic. hehe

To Love a Soldier

And finally, the one that started it all. Every military wife needs to read this blog. It’s kinda like a defence WAG bible. This blog gives me strength when I need it, and has taught me how to do the same for SB. LOVE!

 There are a lot of great blogs out there that I read now and again, but honestly I’ve barely had time lately to keep up with the above…so let me know if you find any really great blogs!