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A friend of a friend, and a fellow Army family needs our help. Jen has battled and beaten cancer before, but her doctors have just discovered that it is back, and have given her 3-6months to live. When J told me, I stopped breathing, and my heart ached for them. Jen is Canadian and would like to go home with Scott (her husband), and their 4 beautiful sons. I’m asking for your help, however small or large, to support his Army family through their darkest hour. A mycause page has been set up for the family to help them raise the money to get them to Canada, and to pay for medical bills.

I’m not sure what else to say here. I don’t really know the Fitzgibbin family; we have seen each other at the birthday parties of our mutual friend’s children, and I have sat next to Jen at a gun salute; so I don’t want to pretend that I know them, or what they’re going through. All I’m going to say is that my heart hurts for her and their family, and for our mutual friend who I know loves her so much. I wanted to do something to help, and this blog gets a steady, albeit small, stream of hits, so I hope sharing will help them reach their goal. So if you can, please help me support this beautiful family.

Thanks guys


…did you miss me?

what a CRAZY few weeks it has been! I will give you a summary, in dot points (it may be boring)…

  • packed up
  • SB came home
  • said goodbyes
  • dropped Lando at the dog-sitters
  • got in the car
  • saw my best friend in Biloela : )
  • drove
  • drove
  • drove
  • drove
  • drove
  • arrived in Darwin
  • chilled by the pool at our resort while SB went to work
  • saw our house
  • arranged electricity, internet, phone, spouse ID’s, etc
  • found out that SB was going field
  • checked out what Darwin has to offer in the way of shopping (very little)
  • checked out some restaurants (since our hotel room didn’t have a kitchen)
  • moved into our house
  • unpacked
  • unpacked
  • unpacked
  • SB packed for field
  • picked up Lando from the airport
  • dropped SB at the airport

now I am sitting here dealing with licence and university dramas…

my question to you, which I’ll go into more later, is how do you make friends/meet people, especially when you don’t have kids or a job? your tips?

until next time…